English Please, This is an English Group !

English Group“English please..this is an English Group ..,” said one of the participants of the group when one of the group members use the Java language like this :

nyuwun pangepunten mas, panjenengan piyantun Jawi asli. Kolo semanten pak Soeharto ngendikan kalian tiyang Suriname asli basanipun ngoko, malah dumateng pak presiden “kowe”. Dalem aturi nyare wonten gubuk dalem manawi panjenengan keleresan tindak wonten Bandung” (This is an example of a sentence of subtle/fine Javanese language/ “kromo inggil”).

In Bandung, West Java has launched whatsapp group – ” LDII English Group “. Apparently many of LDII people who already know and can speak English, although still in the learning phase. Within this group, they greet each other and share information in English. They also share information about grammar, idioms, joke, etc. Groups are getting used to practice using the English language, the members not only LDII people in Bandung, but the citizens of Jakarta LDII even LDII people who were in various countries such as Suriname, Japan, etc.

Yea, English is an international language that can support the work of a person, including ” mubaligh & mubalighotย ” (religious teacher) that assigned abroad, of course they are required to be able to speak English in conveying the teachings of Islam that it conveys. The religious teacher certainly have additional value if it can speak English and Arabic. People who want to know the Koran and Islam, not only Indonesia but also many foreign nationals who want to learn about Islam, learn about the contents of the Quran and Hadith. If we can speak English, of course God willing, be easier to communicate and in the activities of “amar ma’ruf nahyi mungkar” (invite to goodness and prevent / prohibit of badness).

It may also be good if made a similar group, eg Arabic language group, even the Java language group, even if there are English-speaking should in protest by members of the group.

Many religious teachers LDII from Java, we should also be able to understand the Java language as an international language other than English and Arabic.

For God (Alloh), when we pray / ask to Alloh, no matter we use any language, Allah surely understand. However, when we meet foreigners and communicate with them, especially when “amar maruf nahyi mungkar“, of course we need to be able to speak English.

May Alloh give ย ” barokah” (blessing) to all of us.

Please send your comments in English too..hehe

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